Linde locations

Some of our global hotspots

From black swans to huddle rooms: find out more about some of our main global locations. Read about the cities, the buildings and the benefits.


Munich – the third largest city in Germany and the capital of the southern state of Bavaria – is home to The Linde Group’s Global headquarters. Known as ‘Carl von Linde Haus’, it sits pride of place in central Munich, a stone’s throw from the famous ‘Marienplatz’ central square. Headquarters for both the Linde AG Gases Division and the Engineering Division are also not far away, located in nearby Pullach. Pullach sits against a backdrop of the beautiful Bavarian landscape in all its glory: the Isar River, the lakes and of course, the Alps.

  • Both buildings in the Munich and Pullach sites are state-of-the-art and modern. ‘Carl von Linde Haus’ was finished in 2008 and Pullach (which has been a Linde location since 1900) has seen recent upgrades too. The architecturally stunning ‘AGORA’ meeting and conference centre was finished in 2008 and the ‘Linde Office Centre’ in 2013.
  • The Head Office in Munich is locally known as the “Klosterhof” (which roughly translates into Monastery Courtyard) after the street on which it is located - Klosterhofstrasse.
  • Almost 350 employees work in the Munich headquarters, but the Pullach site ranks number one in terms of employees with more than 3000 when you consider Linde Gas and Engineering together.

  • When it comes to lunch options, Munich employees are spoilt for choice. There’s Linde’s own ‘Enoteca’ canteen as well as any number of surrounding restaurants to choose from. However, the real treat is the famous “Viktualienmarkt” food market that is about a three-minute walk away. 
  • The sculpture by Christopher Klein that sits in the centre of the Head Office patio turns many heads. Would you have known that it’s a gas molecule?


Linde’s Asia Pacific headquarters is located in the sovereign city-state of Singapore: the world’s most ‘technology-ready’ nation and global commerce, finance and transport hub. Since Singapore is often referred to as the ‘Lion City’, you might say we are located in a city within a city! In 2016, Linde joined the super-modern Mapletree Business City (MBC) – a purpose-built, integrated business complex that weaves a healthy lifestyle into the workplace by featuring various leisure facilities.

  • This Linde location is a sport enthusiast’s dream! There’s a gym with a 44-metre heated infinity pool as well as a basketball court, football pitch, jogging paths and open spaces for yoga.
  • Linde occupies the 17th floor of MBC 80: the tallest business park building in Singapore!
  • Did you know that in Singapore, the number “8” is a lucky number? Linde must be lucky since the address is “80” and the unit number is “81/82”!


Jozi, Joburg, eGoli or Johannesburg – whatever you want to call it – is home to the Afrox headquarters (a Linde Group member) which is the main Linde presence in Africa. It oversees operations in South Africa and in 15 other African countries, providing industrial gas products and services. Speaking of gases, Johannesburg – South Africa’s largest city – sits 2000m above sea level so the mixture of gases in the air there is a little different!

  • There are currently around 230 employees working in Joburg where Linde has been since 1971.
  • Entertainment around this location is certainly not a problem, with the Goldreef City theme park – a top family attraction – nearby as well as the SAB World of Beer!
  • But for those more interested by history and culture, the Apartheid museum is also nearby.  


Sydney on the east coast of Australia is the base for the regional Head Office for BOC and Elgas – Linde Group members – for the South Pacific. Our employees there are therefore “Sydneysiders” – the name given to the residents of the country’s largest city. Based in Riverside Corporate park in the northern suburb of Ryde, the park gets its name from the nearby Lane Cove River. The Lane Cove National Park also provides picturesque walking tracks for employees.

  • BOC South Pacific has its headquarter in Sydney since 1990 with currently around 600 employees working in our office there.
  • Recent renovations to the ground floor included the new “Common Grounds” café – a popular lunch spot and social space for employees.
  • There’s plenty to do in the surrounding area both outdoors and indoors – with the Macquarie Shopping Centre in close proximity.


Linde oversees its East Asian operations from the regional headquarters in Shanghai - the world’s most populous city proper. Of the more than 24 million people living there, 500 of them work at this Linde location! Often called ‘Hu’ or ‘Shen’, Shanghai is the showpiece of China’s booming economy. Another super modern location in a technological, financial and transport mecca, renowned for its stunning Lujiazui skyline, gardens and many historic and cultural points of interest.

  • Located in a modern office park, this Linde building faces a lake in the centre of the park where it is not uncommon to see black swans swimming.
  • The building is surrounded by diverse vegetation with many green areas throughout the park to make employees feel close to nature in this bustling metropolis.
  • The office park lies in the Pudong District which literally means "East Bank". It has the Huangpu River in the west and extends to meet the East China Sea in the east.


Linde’s UK Head Office (BOC) is based in Guildford, England. Guildford sits in Surrey county in the southeast of the country and is about 40 km from central London. With its famous Anglican Cathedral and cobbled-stone streets, one might say it is quaint and quintessentially English! The building itself is located in the Surrey Research park and was the first business to open there in 1986. It’s not far from Surrey Hills – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with some of England’s most stunning and accessible countryside.

  • Owing to the surrounding countryside, it’s not unusual for employees to see wild deer and rabbits in the car park.
  • Rather fittingly, the address of the HQ is Priestly Road named after Joseph Priestly – an 18th Century English chemist who is usually credited with the discovery of oxygen since he isolated it in its gaseous state!
  • Currently there are around 350 employees working in our UK headquarters.


Linde Americas regional headquarters is located in Bridgewater, New Jersey where it oversees operations in both North America and South America. Although it has always been in “The Garden State” it hasn’t always been located in Bridgewater. In summer 2016, Linde moved from Murray Hill in New Providence to a state-of-the art building on Somerset Corporate Boulevard. The building looks onto picturesque views of woodland and mountains and is surrounded by many walking trails.

  • The building is right next to one of New Jersey’s biggest malls with a food court that caters for any tastes you could imagine!
  • The open plan office space is partitioned into what are referred to as ‘cubes’. When in a cube, employees must adhere to cube manners but for ad hoc meetings or discussions, they go to a ‘huddle room’!
  • Employees have access to a gym on the ground floor of the building as well as a canteen serving great food!